Jama Jurabaev interview on how he went from his home country of Tajikistan to working as a concept artist on some of the biggest Hollywood movies.

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Topics discussed:
0:00 Intro
3:18 From Tajikistan to celebrity artist
8:37 How the internet has democratized learning
13:46 How Jama got started
23:58 The most efficient way to practice
38:32 The best way to learn design
54:25 Advice for beginner artists today
1:00:50 Will AI replace artists?
1:07:08 How to find the motivation to be an artist
1:13:23 Biggest myths and wastes of time
1:22:47 What is Big Medium Small?
1:35:49 Why are Russian artists so innovative?
1:44:20 Why Jama has 4x RTX 3090s

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