As some of you may already know, recently I have been working on a side project. It’s a 2D Game called The Throne, where you play as the King of a Mythical Land. You must manage your Kingdom whilst building alliances with the Nobility. Not to mention the Weekly petitioners always asking for a handout.
Then, wait.. What’s that?.. Vikings?.. Invasion?.. Possible Betrayal?.. Typical.. .

It was suggested that I start creating Development Logs and share with you guys the progress of this little game.

So I decided to record what little I had done so far and here it is.

The Throne is my first real attempt at creating a Game. You play as King Urkhart and must manage your Kingdom before eventually fighting off Invaders not to mention deal with internal problems.

If you want to follow the progress of this Game you can find more information in our Blog post here:

and Exclusive Posts, In Game content and more on the newly created Patreon Page here:

I created about 90% of the assets and animations (such as troop movement and the Character Sprites) in Blender. It was actually quite simple.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this video, thanks for the continued support and I will see you next time!..


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