Talking about some cool new tools, updates and courses in the Blender community.
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Human Generator (Affiliated): />Vector Math Video:
Geo Nodes Lego Assembly:
Scatter (Affiliated): />G-Scatter:
UDIMs Video:
Master 3D Environments (Affiliated): />Cubic Worlds Course (Affiliated): />
00:00 – Intro
00:12 – Human Generator V2 Beta
01:38 – Vector Math Master Class
02:22 – Geo Nodes Lego Assembly
03:10 – Scattering Tools
05:47 – CG Boost
05:58 – Introduction to UDIMs
06:29 – Arctic Environments
07:28 – Cubic Worlds Course
08:29 – Closing Thoughts
08:59 – Outro

#blender #b3d


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