This is Part One of the 2D Character Creation series. In this video we will be Designing our 2D Character using @Blender Grease Pencil.

For a while now a few of you guys have been telling me to check out the Grease Pencil and 2D Animation. Since my drawing skills are really poor, I was in no rush to use it.

A few weeks ago I thought I would try it out, even with my terrible drawing skills. I wanted to see if someone like me (again sucks at drawing but also had no previous experience creating 2D Animations) could create something that remotely resembles an animation.

Creating animations with the Grease Pencil is certainly possible, in fact there are loads of amazing animations being created with the Grease Pencil. Hero: just one of many beautiful examples.

If you have any kind of drawing talent you will have a much better time at it than I did. As with everything in blender, the Grease Pencil is such an awesome tool and I will certainly be using it more in the future.

I hope you find these videos helpful and as always thanks for watching!.

This Episode was NOT endorsed by @Blender Guru in any way…


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