Keeping it nice and simple I want to show you how we can get accurate volume calculations from blender to make measurement toosl, scoops and so on.

As an extension of my Learning Blender 2.9+ through precision modelling playlist. I’m going through a wide variety of random models where I hope to share not only what my current workflow is but additional tips and to actually show you what is possible with blender when it comes to precision modelling.

If you have any questions the best place to leave them are in the discord community.

Scoop Volume dimensions:

Learn Blender 2.9+ through precision modelling playlist: />
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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – What This Video Is about
0:27 – Creating The Volume
02:34 – Creating The Handle
07:33 – Mesh Cleanup
10:36 – Inside Of Slicer
11:00 – Closing Notes


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