In this video, we talk about some of the best tips for working with copies and arrays inside of Blender. Modeling with copied geometry can save you a TON of time when working with repeating geometry in a model – learn several tips for saving time with copies here!

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0:00 – Introduction
1:32 – Using Duplicate to create copies
2:36 – Using the mirror modifier to create a copy along an axis
4:20 – How to join objects into a single model with the join function
5:15 – Creating copies in a direction with the array modifier
5:54 – Stacking array modifiers to create arrays in multiple directions
6:56 – Using the separate function to split up objects
8:18 – Using vertex snapping to precisely place objects
9:33 – Using the array modifier constant offset instead of relative for precision
11:20 – Creating vertical copies of our beams with the array modifier
12:22 – Animating building construction with the build modifier
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