In this video, I walk you through the basics of using Blender’s Freestyle function to render edges and styles! You can use this to create things like blueprint style images, comics, and more!

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BLENDER FREESTYLE DOCUMENTATION LINK,technical%20(hard%20line)%20looks.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:22 – Freestyle documentation
1:00 – Enabling Freestyle in renders
1:28 – Adjusting Freestyle lineweight in renders
2:07 – Changing Freestyle settings with Line Sets
3:20 – Rendering more edges with edge detection angles
4:51 – Freestyle Line Set edge types overview
5:45 – Setting which Freestyle edges get rendered with edge marks
6:55 – Customizing line looks with Freestyle Line Styles
7:19 – Customizing line colors in Freestyle
7:30 – Adding dashes to lines in Freestyle
8:10 – Transparency of edges with alpha transparency
8:30 – Using modifiers to customize edges
9:57 – Creating a render with just edges and a background
10:34 – Adding Freestyle as a render pass in Blender
11:02 – Using the compositor to show only edges
11:45 – Adding a color background with the mix node
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