Jumping into the deep end and taking a look at advanced use cases of the array modifier and other operations that are very similar like instancing and Curve arrays. We’ll be covering the deep end of blender here so take it bit by bit. We’re covering arrays along a curve, the power of instancing and even curve geometry and Instnace arrays, doing our best to stay precise and further our knowledge of blender 2.9+ precision modelling.

Perpendicular Curve Addon: https//gum.co/FKzcF

keyboard shortcuts Link: http://bit.ly/3muZsR3
PDF Version: http://bit.ly/38lkDQj

Learn Blender 2.9+ through precision modelling playlist:
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Fiih6ItYsXzUbBNz7-IvV7UJYHZzCdF />

Old Blender Precision series 2.83 (Keep in mind that this is out of date):
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6Fiih6ItYsX3qdwhEyd77zy82bM-I8t1 />
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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:23 – What This Video Is About.
0:46 – Arraying An Array.
2:25 – Intro To Instancing Arrays.
7:02 – Intro To Curve Modifier.
10:52 – “Advanced” Curves / Extruding Along A Curve.
13:43 – Deformation Arraying Along A Curve.
19:27 – Instancing Array Along A Curve.
22:49 – Vertex Curve Instancing / Array Position Without Rotation.
24:38 – Intro To Curve Normals.
28:12 – “Issue” Creating A Curve From Mesh.
32:16 – Perpendicular Curves From Mesh.
37:58 – Power Of Radial Arrays.
42:28 – Closing Notes.


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