In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to use my own free Blender addon to simplify the process of using action constraints in order to rig a character’s head turn. My addon automates the process of adding action constraints to individual bones, saving time and allowing for a similar efficient workflow as 2D cutout animation software.

This tutorial covers the basics of using the addon, as well as more advanced techniques and a discussion of the problem the addon was designed to solve. I also provide tips on how to achieve better results with the mixed actions and explain the difference between global, local, and custom space.

Smart-Bone Addon:

Let me know if you want to see the full, unedited process of making the character (The girl in the blue dress) seen in this video.


00:00 Intro
00:10 Quick start guide
00:57 Why smart bones?
02:05 Preparation
02:28 Control mechanism
03:15 Installation
03:27 Smart-bone panel
04:09 Finished
04:44 Corrective actions
05:31 Global and local space
06:04 Custom space
06:15 Create corrections
06:58 Custom object
07:34 Custom space smart-bones
08:07 Repeat for other angles
08:46 Finished (really)
09:05 Outro

ToonBoom Harmony demonstrations by Elvis Wairia: Original character design by Juan Pedro Arroyo Molina.

#blender #b2d #b3d #greasepencil #addon #python #pythonprogramming


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