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Blender 3.3 LTS Beta! –
Blender 3.4 Alpha!

* Curves: enable density brush when first entering curves sculpt mode
* UI: Sort tools in curves sculpting mode

* UV: Add options for uv select similar in island mode

* Geometry Nodes: Shortest Paths nodes
* Geometry Nodes: Rename “Field on Domain” to “Interpolate Domain”

* Nodes: Allow using escape key to exit node resizing

* Realtime Compositor: Add needed GPU module changes

* BLF: New Font Stack for Better Language Coverage
* I18n: make presets translatable
* I18n: make Grease Pencil modifiers and shader FX translatable
* I18n: make newly added constraints’ names translatable

* default N-panel open for animation editors

* Eevee: Add support of rendering curves with cryptomatte

* deps: FFmpeg vpx/aom-av1 updates

* Fix T98367: Light group passes do not work when shadow catcher is used
* Fix T99976: Animated visibility not rendering properly in viewport

* Fix T100017: OBJ: new importer does not import vertices that aren’t part of any face
* Fix T99532: New OBJ importer in some cases fails to import faces
* Fix T100075: OBJ import: images loaded multiple times instead of being reused
* Fix T100076: OBJ import: new importer doesn’t use //relative/image/paths

* Fix T97724: Node Wrangler: better align nodes on texture setup
* Fix T84451: Node Wrangler: change label from Swap Outputs to Swap Links
* Fix T96194: Node Wrangler: use enabled sockets for lazy mix
* Fix T83719: Node Wrangler: broken node outline when fast connecting
* Node Wrangler: use utility function to populate switch menu
* Update power sequencer to work with Blender 3.3
* Add camera rigs: use bone subtarget for DOF
* Many ported to new GPU module:
* Archimesh, MeasureIt, Power Sequencer, Math Vis, VR Scene Inspection, Scatter Objects, etc


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