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Hey, I’m Follygon and welcome to Sculptober 2021. No idea what sculptober is? Watch this! https://youtu.be/t8bRfDLgE4E Or Find out more info at http://sculptober.com

Day 20 of sculptober: pop 🎈 I feel like they will make anything into a Pokemon at this point 😂 but this one is kinda cute. Check back tomorrow for more culptober!

Day 1 Voltorb and Electrode https://youtu.be/AuKaKdEzAnc
Day 2 Snorlax https://youtu.be/4wk8aNRckZs
Day 3 Sirfetch’d https://youtu.be/5xS6Cey64as
Day 4 Spinarak https://youtu.be/auDA7j5xY0Y
Day 5 Gengar https://youtu.be/GodwMRLKrQA
Day 6 Victini https://youtu.be/ea1UMY_XDy0
Day 7 Oddish, Gloom & Vileplume https://youtu.be/PRWXxKqDt4A
Day 8 Squirtle https://youtu.be/6vhZyRzNzzo
Day 9 Appletun https://youtu.be/EMkLpJxVbtg
Day 10 Hisuian Growlithe https://youtu.be/RyISsS7QZ-8
Day 11 Charizard https://youtu.be/8br2KeCnijw
Day 12 Tentacool https://youtu.be/R5DbQccXu_A
Day 13 Jigglypuff https://youtu.be/oLhiyQ4SY9Y
Day 14 Elekid https://youtu.be/XHzk8glhKZY
Day 15 Ditto https://youtu.be/CoVcAjUaQvA
Day 16 Geodude https://youtu.be/s5l5cqS9cZo
Day 17 Venusaur https://youtu.be/CQdeZcsbABo
Day 18 Mimikyu https://youtu.be/p0wpQZ2j4TA
Day 19 Chansey https://youtu.be/lUgL9XBl1cU

Check out all 31 days from Sculptober 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsuo-8AATho&list=PLRGM6eK8oglnTkywdDdspQ9k70Vv17LtS />
Check out some of my favorite videos below!

Athletic Girl💪🏼 https://youtu.be/P91vNhvxogU
Female Cervitaur 🦌 https://youtu.be/O0hj0P5ZCU4
Nadiaxel Witch 🎃 https://youtu.be/FNe9tXT1mxs
imawonder Boss Girl ⚓ https://youtu.be/ZB-xEx3rjbA
Female Baseball Mage ⚾ https://youtu.be/QbNRgOsOryE
Chelsea Gracei Thief Girl 💎 https://youtu.be/Wj71xFEO_d0
Lord Gris Pineberry Girl 🍓 https://youtu.be/NLM4nCEH6f4
Loish ❤️ https://youtu.be/UrxJMrMTbt8

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Ben De Angelis “Follygon” is a professional digital sculptor with a background in sculpting appealing characters for toys and life size figures for production in a variety of styles. Ben has worked on such IP as Pokemon, Barbie, Batman, Shrek, Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, Madagascar, Flintstones, Clash of Clans and many more. With a love of different art styles he’s done heavily stylized characters for the Looney Tunes, and worked on realistic life-like pilots for the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Now Ben works as a freelancer, creates tutorials on Patreon, and enjoys spending his free time creating content for others that enjoy digital sculpting. You can see more of Ben’s work at the social links above.

Thumbnail art by Star-Soul

#art #3D #sculpting


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