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Hey, I’m Follygon and welcome to Sculptober 2021. No idea what sculptober is? Watch this! https://youtu.be/t8bRfDLgE4E Or Find out more info at http://sculptober.com

Day 23 of sculptober: Trendy 🐉 I feel like Milotic is a pretty trendy Pokemon. Or a trendy trainer would have one in their team. It feels like I have less and less time for these each day, but hey we are still trucking! Shoutout to FoxyPew for the inspiration. Check back tomorrow for more sculptober!

Day 1 Voltorb and Electrode https://youtu.be/AuKaKdEzAnc
Day 2 Snorlax https://youtu.be/4wk8aNRckZs
Day 3 Sirfetch’d https://youtu.be/5xS6Cey64as
Day 4 Spinarak https://youtu.be/auDA7j5xY0Y
Day 5 Gengar https://youtu.be/GodwMRLKrQA
Day 6 Victini https://youtu.be/ea1UMY_XDy0
Day 7 Oddish, Gloom & Vileplume https://youtu.be/PRWXxKqDt4A
Day 8 Squirtle https://youtu.be/6vhZyRzNzzo
Day 9 Appletun https://youtu.be/EMkLpJxVbtg
Day 10 Hisuian Growlithe https://youtu.be/RyISsS7QZ-8
Day 11 Charizard https://youtu.be/8br2KeCnijw
Day 12 Tentacool https://youtu.be/R5DbQccXu_A
Day 13 Jigglypuff https://youtu.be/oLhiyQ4SY9Y
Day 14 Elekid https://youtu.be/XHzk8glhKZY
Day 15 Ditto https://youtu.be/CoVcAjUaQvA
Day 16 Geodude https://youtu.be/s5l5cqS9cZo
Day 17 Venusaur https://youtu.be/CQdeZcsbABo
Day 18 Mimikyu https://youtu.be/p0wpQZ2j4TA
Day 19 Chansey https://youtu.be/lUgL9XBl1cU
Day 20 Drifloon https://youtu.be/AIXVMBUYVs4
Day 21 Psyduck https://youtu.be/0w4h9M2a_fI
Day 22 Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan https://youtu.be/AdX4lkvvUxA

Check out all 31 days from Sculptober 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsuo-8AATho&list=PLRGM6eK8oglnTkywdDdspQ9k70Vv17LtS />
Check out some of my favorite videos below!

Athletic Girl💪🏼 https://youtu.be/P91vNhvxogU
Female Cervitaur 🦌 https://youtu.be/O0hj0P5ZCU4
Nadiaxel Witch 🎃 https://youtu.be/FNe9tXT1mxs
imawonder Boss Girl ⚓ https://youtu.be/ZB-xEx3rjbA
Female Baseball Mage ⚾ https://youtu.be/QbNRgOsOryE
Chelsea Gracei Thief Girl 💎 https://youtu.be/Wj71xFEO_d0
Lord Gris Pineberry Girl 🍓 https://youtu.be/NLM4nCEH6f4
Loish ❤️ https://youtu.be/UrxJMrMTbt8

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Ben De Angelis “Follygon” is a professional digital sculptor with a background in sculpting appealing characters for toys and life size figures for production in a variety of styles. Ben has worked on such IP as Pokemon, Barbie, Batman, Shrek, Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, Madagascar, Flintstones, Clash of Clans and many more. With a love of different art styles he’s done heavily stylized characters for the Looney Tunes, and worked on realistic life-like pilots for the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Now Ben works as a freelancer, creates tutorials on Patreon, and enjoys spending his free time creating content for others that enjoy digital sculpting. You can see more of Ben’s work at the social links above.

#art #3D #sculpting


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