SCULPTOBER! Sculpting the Bride of Frankenstein ?‍♀️ Lore ?‍♀️
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Hey, I’m Follygon and welcome to Sculptober 2020. No idea what sculptober is? Watch this! Or Find out more info at

On to day 13 of sculptober! Today’s prompt is Lore ?‍♀️ and I’ll be sculpting the Bride of Frankenstein. I’ll be starting from a sailor moon I sculpted in the past so that I have more time in this daily sculpt/ video to talk about expression. Hopefully you all can learn something new! The total time on the sculpt was a little less than an hour. Check back tomorrow for more sculptober!

Day 1: Pokemon Croconaw –
Day 2: Disney’s Beast –
Day 3: Disney’s Snow White –
Day 4: Cave Girl –
Day 5: Pokemon First Starters –
Day 6: Maui –
Day 7: French Bulldog –
Day 8: Disney’s Genie –
Day 9: Legendary Bird Pokemon –
Day 10: Pocahontas –
Day 11: Alice –
Day 13: Pumbaa –

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Looking for some sculpting challenges or assignments to help you improve your ZBrush sculpting abilities? Check out this tweet where I discuss the kind of work you can do to improve quickly!

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