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* Add Primitive Tool:
* Drag & Drop Modifiers
* Improved Area Border Selection and Dragging
* UI: Pan 2D Region When Dragging to Boundary
* Curves: Implement Handles for selected points only (Overlay)
* Curves: Disable Curve Normals by default
* Preferences: Customize default empty size for collection instances
* UI: undo/redo support for text fields
* UI: Curve Edit Stroke Panel Layout
* UI: Windows Shell Links & Improved Mac Aliases
* UI: rename Cycles point light Size to Radius, for consistency and clarity
* VSE UI: Add buttons for swap Effect strip inputs
* VSE UI: Rename Scene Strip panel and move View panel on top
* VSE UI: Group Show Elements in View Menu, Use Consistent Naming
* VSE: Add warnings for failed proxy encoding
* VSE: Add select under playhead, and shortcuts for left, right, under.
* VSE: Remove delete confirmation pop-up
* VSE: Use color picker for color strip.
* VSE UI: Add a proxy menu to Preview/View menu
* VSE UI: Text panel adjustments
* Eyedropper: Support get samples from other windows
* Gizmo Library: New Snap Gizmo
* Sculpt: Cloth Filter
* Sculpt: Pose Brush Scale/Transform deform mode
* Sculpt: Pose Brush Face Sets FK mode
* Sculpt: Improve twist axis in Pose FK mode
* LibOverride: Make constraints fully overrideable.
* LibOverride: Make camera data-block properties overrideable.
* LibOverride: Make all modifiers properties overridable.
* Modifiers: Add normalize weights option to vertex weight modifiers
* EEVEE: Refactor of eevee_material.c
* Fluid: Foundation for new OpenVDB file IO
* Annotations: Add Stabilization for draw tool
* GPencil: New Percentage parameter in Build modifier
* UV: use selection for ‘Seams from Islands’
* Armature: increase maximum delectable bones from 4096 to 8192
* Cycles: Enable OptiX on all Maxwell+ GPUs
* Cycles: Added shadow terminator offset parameter.
* Cycles: change perspective depth pass to be more standard
* OpenSubdiv Refactor
* BVHCache: Performance
* DrawManager: Graph Task Scheduling
* Mesh: skip conversion from edit-mesh to mesh in edit-mode
* FBX: Make importing heavy animations twice more quicker.
* New Release Versioning

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