2D to 3D! Sculpting a Female Cervitaur From Start to Finish! ?DOTA ENCHANTRESS?
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Hey all and welcome back to another start to finish ZBrush sculpting video! In this video I am going to take you through my entire character creation process, showing you every step along the way. This time around I am working on a female cervitaur which is like a centaur but instead of the lower half being a horse – she is half deer! A huge thank you to Yuriy Chemezov for the awesome concept of Enchantress from Dota, definitely check out his work! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Jl4Ela. If you have any ideas for a character you would like to see me sculpt in the future, comment below! I love hearing from you guys and I am always looking for new ideas to sculpt.

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