BSLIVE / Making MEME into a 3D AR character using Blender 3D
In this video, I am sharing a little rigging and animation project on a simple character based on Apple Airpods Pro MEME that was posted online on Twitter.

I still don’t know who posted this idea the 1st time on Reddit or Twitter, the MEME origin is a mystery (?).

I made this in just a few hours, however tweaks and animation will take some more hours. You can be very fast but polish will take time.

Here I talked mostly about rigging, posing the character, and thinking the characteristic of this Robo-Airpods model being rigid, how the arms and legs should pivot and rotate more correctly.

The animation is still weak, if the RoboPods is flexing, it should hold pose and tense shake it a bit right? Yes animation takes time.

It’s a good study overall.

Enjoy ”the making of” of this simple character!

* Rayman
* Kirby
* Pingu
* Minions

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