LIVENODING 1178 SV Digging into Blender 2.80 Grease Pencil using Nodes
In this episode, I dig deep into Grease Pencil data using Nodes once again. I have done this in the past using Blender 2.79.

From Blender Stack Exchange info, we figure out how Grease Pencil data is stored in Blender 2.80:

GP-Object — GP-Layers — GP-Frames — GP-Strokes — GP-Stroke-Points

From that information, we can create a node tree in Sverchok that simply extract the Vector Coordinates of Points so that we can further use it.

There are few ”complication” of things when DATA is not what Sverchok like LIST so we might need to do conversion every now and then.

The cool thing about this knowledge is that you can learn about data and list and array.


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