LIVENODING X / AN Unfolding Grease Pencil Strokes With Nodes
In this episode, I am demonstrating a very cool node tree setup created by node artist Kuldeep Singh using Animation Nodes add-on.

This setup allows you to quickly turn 2D Curves into shape unfolding animation! You can download the setup from gumroad link provided at Kuldeep YouTube channel, maybe donate him some coffee for his cool work.

In this quick video, I am showing you how I think you could use this setup. It is quite intuitive, there are few parameters to play with.

Things to watch for:
– Curve type
– Open or Closed Curve
– Clean Curve
– The duration of animation
– Spiral or Circle type of unfolding

We could potentially make use of this setup and using it for other things, perhaps to unfold a more complex mesh using Bones!


View on YouTube


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