Introduction to Substance Painter – Ultimate Beginners Guide
This is an elaborate tutorial to help you get started with Substance Painter. Check out our full 4-hour premium series for more training!

Introduction to Substance Painter

02:20 – Navigation & UI
07:31 – Texture Sets
09:55 – Brush Tool
12:49 – Layers
23:47 – Masking
26:09 – The Shelf
31:36 – Projection Tool
33:41 – Polygon Fill
35:45 – Generators & Mask Editor
42:03 – Smart Materials
44:11 – Iray

PBR Guide

– Navigation & UI
Rotate: Alt LMB
Zoom: Alt RMB
Pan: Alt MMB
Rotate Light: Shift RMB
Split UV View F1
Full 3D View – F2
Full UV View – F3

– Texture sets
Select texture sets – Ctrl Alt RMB
Isolate Texture Set – Alt Q

– Brush tool
Brush tool – 1
Resize – Ctrl RMB left/right
Hardness – RMB up/down
Rotate – Ctrl LMB up/down
Flow – Ctrl LMB left
Straight line – Shift LMB
Lazy Mouse  – D
Symmetry – L
Flip Colors – X
Color picker – P

– Materials and Channels
Next Channels – C
Previous Channel – Shift C
Next baked channel – B
Previous Baked Channel – Shift B
Material – M

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